Welcome to InvisibleHand!

Now that you've installed InvisibleHand, what next? We've prepared a short video which covers all you need to know to start saving money when shopping online.

1. Shop

Just search! Simply type the item you're looking for into Google, or directly into a shopping website, and InvisibleHand will get right to work, looking for the best price.

2. Save

Once we've found your item, we'll show you a small notification so you can see where the best price can be found. InvisibleHand stays hidden until it finds something.

Try it out
Here are some example products for you to try out InvisibleHand:
If you have any other questions, or need some help, please feel free to drop us a line: info@getinvisiblehand.com

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Trust the Hand
More Features

It stays out of your way

InvisibleHand remains invisible until it finds a deal on a product you're shopping for.

Real-time prices

Unlike price comparison sites, InvisibleHand refreshes its product prices every time you use it

Get cheaper flights

InvisibleHand automatically looks for cheaper flights when you search for them

It works with Google

When you google a product, InvisibleHand will automatically show the lowest real-time prices.

Reveal hidden prices

InvisibleHand knows the price even when the retailer tries to hide it (US only).

It learns as you use it

InvisibleHand will search for deals, even when you browse a product it hasn't seen before.